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PAT Testing

PAT Testing in Essex and London

Electrical Testing Inspection are a trusted local company for PAT testing in Essex and London. Our experienced PAT testers have provided expert electrical testing services since 2005. Our NICEIC approved PAT testers have vast experience in providing Portable Appliance Testing for all types of businesses and organisations.

What Is PAT Testing?


Pat testing is the inspection and testing of portable electrical equipment that is found in the workplace and in rental properties.

PAT testing involves carrying out various electrical tests and checks on the appliance's to make sure that they are safe to use by the staff of the business and any members of the public.

How Often Do You Need PAT test?


The amount of time between PAT testing an electrical appliance is dependent on the type of appliance, where the appliance is used, and how the appliance is made.

For example a PC in an office would be required to have a visual inspection every 2 years and a full test every 5 years, but the extension lead that it is plugged into would be required to be visually inspected every year but have a full test every 2 years.  This is because the extension lead is more likely to be moved and handled and increases the chance of developing a fault and so needs to be tested more frequently.

Every site needs to have a risk assessment carried out on the electrical equipment that is being used to determine how often the appliances need to be inspected and tested.

For more advice on the PAT testing requirements for your premises call 01268 906702 or contact us online

How Much Does PAT Testing Cost?


We offer fixed price PAT testing packages so you will know exactly how much you will be paying before the work has begun.

All of our prices include everything you need for your PAT test, from the risk assessment for each site, to the actual testing of the appliances. If possible we will also repair appliances that fail the test.  There are no extra charges for microwave leakage tests, replacement of plug tops and fuses or anything else at all. 
The fixed package price we give you before we begin testing is that exact amount you will pay.
Our fixed price PAT testing packages are very competitive and start from £59 which covers the majority of small businesses.

To arrange for our NIECIC approved engineer to visit your business to carry out your PAT testing, or to get a fixed price for your premises, please contact us online or call 01268 906702.

Why Choose Us To Carry Out Your PAT Testing?

Fixed Price PAT Testing 

No additional costs, you know the exact cost before the work has begun

Risk Based PAT Testing 

Every portable appliance test that we carry out includes a risk assessment for the electrical equipment at your business.  You only have the appliances tested on each visit that need to be tested, which is particularly useful for businesses with large numbers of appliances, as can dramatically reduce the number of items tested each time.


Full NICEIC Approved Contractor  

ETI is a full NICEIC approved contractor, which we have held for over 10 consecutive years.  We are able to offer you one of the highest levels of accreditation available in our industry.  We are regularly assessed by the NICEIC so as to ensure we provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency possible.

Very Competitive Fixed Rate PAT Test Prices From Just £59

We are able to offer very competitive prices on all of our testing services.  Our fixed price PAT testing packages start from £59, and can go up to any amount of electrical appliances that you have at your business.

To arrange to have an engineer visit your business to carry out your PAT testing, or to get a fixed price for your premises, please contact us online or call 01268 906702. 

We are a trusted local company specialising in the full range of electrical testing services in all areas of Essex and London, including landlord electrical certificate, EICR electrical condition report, home buyer electrical survey, fire alarm testing and emergency light testing.