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Home Buyers Survey

Home Buyers Electrical Survey

When buying a new property knowing the condition of the wiring and general electrical installation is likely very important to know that you are buying a good investment and there wont be any surprises once you move in.

We are here to help you at every step of the way. We have a dedicated team of electricians to make sure that your new purchased property's electrics in London and Essex, are exactly what you were expecting. We provide the fastest response times, the most competitive prices along with 17 years experience in carrying out EICR's and Electrical Condition Reports for new home buyers all over London and Essex.

Home Buyers Electrical Survey from ONLY £140+VAT

Electrical check for new home buyers

New Home Buyer Electrical Check 

If you are in the process of purchasing a new property, the best time to check that the wiring and all parts of the properties electrical system are safe, up to standard and are are not going to need extensive works is before you purchase the property.

By carrying out a home buyers Electrical Installation Condition Report / EICR before the purchase, You will have the full knowledge of exactly what you are buying and know the exact cost of any electrical works that need to be carried out.

All properties electrical wiring will deteriorate overtime. By carrying out various tests at different points on the electrical circuits, we can provide you a detailed electrical report on the state of the electrical installation. The reports is easy to understand and will also include a fixed price quotations for any electrical issues we have identifed. 

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