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Landlord Electrical Reports

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate in
Essex & London

As a landlord of a rental property, there are numerous electrical regulations and requirements that you need to comply with. We are here to help you every step of the way. We have a dedicated team to make sure that your rental properties in London and Essex are fully compliant for all legislation, with the fastest response times and the most competitive prices.

Landlord Reports

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Landlords EICR From ONLY £119+VAT*

* EICR for rental properties throughout London & Essex

Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate 

Landlords who own and let a rental property to tenants, are legally required to carry out an electrical installation condition report (EICR) to ensure it is safe for the tenants that occupy it.

An Electrical installation condition report/ EICR can be referred to by several different terms.


Landlords electrical safety certificate, EICR certificate, landlords fixed wire test are a few.  But they all relate to the same item, which is a report stating if the rental properties electrical installation is safe to use by the tenants.

EICR's on private rented properties are required to be carried out at least every 5 years.

If the property fails the test, the EICR will be classed as being "Unsatisfactory" for continued use, the failure items found are then required to be rectified within 28days from the date of the EICR.


PAT test for Landlords From ONLY £69+VAT*

 PAT Test Only Landlords electrical items in rental properties throughout London & Essex. If combined with an EICR price reduced. Please contact us for more info 

PAT Test Landlords
Electrical Items

Landlords who provide electrical items in their rental properties must ensure they cannot present any risk or danger to the tenants that use them.

By providing typical fixed white goods items in your rental property, i.e. washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, ovens etc. You are then legally responsible to ensure that each of the electrical items are safe to use by the tenants.

To ensure the electrical appliances are safe, each of the items should to be inspected, checked and verified to confirm their continual safety for every occupant in the household.

The industry standard and best way of proving compliance is to carry out a PAT test (portable appliance test) on each of the electrical items that you provide.

PAT tests also include fixed electrical items, like ovens, extractor hoods and fixed electrical appliances.

Typical white goods would be required to checked and tested every 24 months

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Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates & EICRs
Throughout London & Essex 

Electrical Testing Inspection are a trusted local company for landlord electrical safety certificates in all areas of Essex and London. We have provided expert electrical safety certificate services since 2005. Our NICEIC approved electrical engineers have vast experience in providing electrical safety certificates for all types of landlords, from single property student accommodation to multi-property landlords.

Trusted Electrical Safety Certificate Services Since 2005

An electrical safety certificate is carried out for landlords of rental property. They are required to be carried out every 5 years or on change of tenancy, and are used to make sure that the electrical safety is maintained for the tenants that are living inside of the property.  On completion of the inspection and testing, an electrical certificate is provided so that the landlord / letting agent will have documentation to prove that the property is electrically safe to be lived in by a tenant.

The electrical safety certificate will be of particular interest in the unfortunate event of a tenant receiving injury through electrical shock or of a fire being caused from an electrical fault at the property. Having an electrical safety certificate carried out at the time of the tenant moving in, and at regular intervals afterwards, will provide proof and evidence that the landlord and letting agent have done all they can to make sure that property is electrically safe for the tenants that are living there.

Electrical Safety Testing Experts

When carrying out an electrical safety certificate there are various safety checks and tests that need to be carried out to make sure that the property is safe for use. A landlord electrical safety test involves carrying out numerous electrical tests on the fixed wiring that runs in the walls, under the floors and in the fabric of the property. Landlord electrical safety certificates ensure:

  • The wiring has not deteriorated

  • The wiring has a suitable earth 

  • The sockets, light fittings and the electrical equipment that is connected to the wiring are fully safe and compliant

In the event of a fault occurring, an electrical safety test ensures the protective devices in the fuse board will operate to disconnect the electrical supply and prevent damage to the property and injury / fatal electrical shock to the tenants.

To find out more about our landlord electrical safety certificates from just £119 call 01268 906702 or contact us online. 

We are a trusted local company specialising in the full range of electrical testing services in all areas of Essex and London, including PAT tester services, EICR electrical condition report, electrical home buyer survey,